Ready for the First Great Impression With the Oculus Rift?

The title of this Rift review is “Oculus Rift: The Definitive Review”. That’s not a real big deal, what’s a big deal is the fact that the Rift is one of the most innovative and advanced Virtual Reality (VR) games ever developed. Developed by the high-flying studio that was Valve Corporation, the Rift is one of the very first games to be released with this technology. I have been playing video games since I was a child, so I had all but given up on the Virtual Reality gaming possibilities as of late. However, after having a chance to test the highly-anticipated Rift for free, I was hooked. Not only does it have all of the promised Virtual Reality features that many of us were eagerly waiting for, it is also priced to be an affordable gaming solution for everyone.

Rift takes place in the fantastic universe of the future. A future which is nearly two years from today, a time when mankind is starting to make its transition from the old mythological world into the new mythological world of Virtual Reality. As mankind is making this transition, strange beings from the planet Vahran are visiting our world in order to gather more information about their existence. This group of warrior-like beings is known as the Guardians.

The protagonist in the Rift games is a boy named Ben “Isa” Price, who is an orphan who has been raised by the Guardians. As you progress through the game, you’ll find that your character has a wide variety of abilities which you can unlock as you progress through the game. Each of these abilities will enable you to traverse different portions of the world and complete various puzzles that are scattered throughout each area of the game. The magic system is also used to allow you to cast spells and use items at a much faster rate.

When I first started playing the Rift, I was a little disappointed with the graphics. I had been expecting to find lots of beautiful 2D art and scenes. What I found instead was quite disheartening. The graphics for the characters in the Rift games are far more photorealistic than anything that I’ve ever seen in online games. However, I didn’t give up hope and I continued to play the game because I realized that this could be the answer to bringing true virtual reality gaming to the screen.

The magic system in the Rift is called Energy flows in the environment and can be manipulated using “emotive objects”. Using these emote objects, you can create structures, shapes and characters in the virtual world. You can also cause time and space to bend in ways that you can’t do in the real world. These types of techniques to make the entire gaming experience more interesting, especially for those who have a love of magic or the fantastic.

It takes a little bit of time to become accustomed to using the Rift effectively. Even though the instructions are clear, it still took me a while to figure out how to point, click and select items. But once I knew how, the games as well as myself began to feel very real. And now, having played the game many times, I find that the world doesn’t quite feel real when I’m not playing, but it sure feels like it’s part of my world when I’m in the middle of an actual game.

Rift allows you to use three dimensional spatial awareness. This means that your view is a little bit more 360 degree than what we’re used to in our daily lives. You will travel from one side of the world to another within the limits of the rift itself. It’s a completely new way of looking at the world. When you first get started with the Rift, you may find that the actions that you take in the game are not as they appear to be. This is because your perception of the environment around you is hazy at first.

But after a little bit of practice, you will become more acquainted with the environment, which will let you take more calculated risks. There are many powerful enemies in Rift and it will take you a little time to learn them. But when you do, their abilities will become very noticeable and you’ll want to engage them quickly. The combat system is very exciting and intuitive. If you like games that put a lot of thought into their design, then you will probably like Rift.